"Raider Klan Phonk Freestyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" lyrics - DENZEL CURRY

"Raider Klan Phonk Freestyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
(Raider-Raider-Raider Klan, C$PG*)
feat. Ruben Slikk & SpaceGhostPurrp

[Verse 1: Ruben Slikk]
Ruben Slikk, the nigga with that fucking tongue
I lick that pussy up, I had that bitch so sprung
Sucking my dick so hard she bit the skin of my fucking snake
Ruben fucking Slikk, I jack my dick and then I masturbate
24x and skeet up in her face, just to feel the load in her fucking mouth
Tell that bitch to swallow the whole thing
Ruben Slikk, keeping that cocaine
'Cause I make it rain
In the club with my trap-work and my pipework, mane
Pimp shit, mix this shit on up- a Mixologist
What they call a G, when they hating looking at my chips
Nigga check yo boy out, at the fucking ATM
I ain't got no bank account, I don't pay no taxes man
Nigga this is pimp shit, catch me with my ears glisten
Yeah I got 2 studs, in my right ear bitch
So I can hear clear, fuck her in the rear bitch
Bad boy shit, Raider Klan black flaggin'...

[Verse 2: Denzel Curry]
Yeah I'm leaving niggas shook
Denzel Curry in that untold chapter of your Harry Potter book
It's me, the P-R the I-E the S-T to the H double O-E nigga that is me to the priest
To the hood looks good, yeah its that Denzel Curry motherfucker
Already told you I am as cool as McFlurry
If you wanna drop me, and wanna try and attack; nigga you will get bit like a fucking Big Mac
Its that nigga named Curry, no chicken I'm killing bitches without the AK, lyrical spray
What is [?]
Killing these cockroaches
Denzel Curry a flow bitch
Everybody knows that Denzel Curry got that white shit
Coke, bitch
Leave em cokey in the wet
Denzel Curry, I'm catching the wave
Let me go and sit, niggas transact
Off my bitch, off the fucking Raider Klan M.O.E gang
Denzel Curry about to rip this bitch with that Raider slang
Yeah, I come in this bitch ready to attack
Smack a bitch, chicken head, but I ain't no Project Pat
Let me pass it back, to the motherfucking 3-6
Denzel Curry, the one and the only, the nigga [?] I'm killing the shit like that, now..

[Verse 3: SpaceGhostPurrp]
Up on the motherfucking beat, trying to do this shit walking down the street
With the black trench coat
And I'm coming for your fucking throat
Wanna play these games, my nigga just know I'm not the lame
Spitting the motherfucking flow for the listeners
You already know these bitches ain't missing us
They kissing us
And my dick is on her face, kissing my nuts
My nigga I put her in her place
Bitch I'm the king, big ding-a-ling
Got the fattest, phonkiest sounds my nigga in the state ring
Old school, take it back to the '88
Already know my nigga got the.38, robbing
Niggas straight coming through, I'm knocking
Niggas heads off, my nigga I ain't stopping
And if you think that I'm a bitch
Come test me motherfucker, I'll throw your ass up in the ditch
Now listen, to the way I go hard
Throw the motherfucking beat while I ride through your boulevard
Nigga don't start if you think that I am a joke
Goddamn I'm so fucked up, like I was on coke
But I'm not, I'm sober
And I am going to come through in the fucking black Range Rover
The black vamp, and I don't give a damn
Nigga C$PG, Raider Klan; we going HAM