"Drop It On Yo Ass Fool!!!!!!!" lyrics - DENZEL CURRY

"Drop It On Yo Ass Fool!!!!!!!"

[Verse 1: Denzel Curry]
To all of theses niggas AquariusKilla is my fucking name and im mystic
Bitch if you see me im dressed like a genie if niggas got beef its a death wish death wish
My god im so trill like these nigga will think im from Houston
Spitting my lyrics dog ima kill it these niggas will think that im toothless
Kill any beat any rapper just like a attacker im ready to become a rebel
Watch if im smoking a spliff and bring the lyrical heat like the mouth of a devil
T.O.T.A touch one touch all wonder rum wheres my jaws
I wanna kill victims and break laws dog
Chills going down your spine as you shiver
Curry the killa a lyricist I drag them to the river
91 to 95 im straight up from the underground
Sound change drastically because denzel is versatile
One step two step
Turn around I look back whoevers behind me gonna end up getting they head cracked
And I ain't talking dice im talking bout my other half
Dont make me go on a rampage and 'cause a hectic aftermath