"Purrple Drank And Good Dank!!!!!! 91'" lyrics - DENZEL CURRY

"Purrple Drank And Good Dank!!!!!! 91'"

Denzel Curry on some other shit
I'm chillin' with my dogs when a nigga ain't talkin' 'bout that Michael Vick
Y'all niggas talkin' 'bout some Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay
While my niggas poppin' Blizz and drinkin' Tanqueray
Corrupt, like Tha Dogg Pound I bring the trill sound
You can ask Yung Joc they way it's going down
You don't wanna see me when a nigga brain reacts
I'm like Boosie, got a mind of a maniac
Keep it trill fam, tell them hoes to wipe me down
Got the juice like Pac so you know I'm goin' 'round
Way I flow might make a nigga pass out
Lil nigga dough, aks anyone here
Or Jimmie Hendrix, you crackers on my hitlist
Put a gun in your mouth, I'm thinkin' I'm the dentist
Never thought that Curry was runnin' with fuckin' killers?
Aks Ricky and Rocky who the fuck is triller? That nigga

[Hook 8x]
Sippin' on some purple dranks and gettin' good da-dank

These niggas fuckin' up dog
Fuck it mayne, it's your boy Denzel Curry
Shoutouts to that boy SpaceGhostPurrp my nigga
We fuckin' these niggas up in the game, you feel me?
Knaam sayen? It's that trill shit, Raider Klan, we in here
Shoutouts to fame bruh, thanks to you nigga
We gon' do this shit right nigga, bring the south back my nigga
Denzel motherfuckin' Curry, go check the underground shit
Knaam sayen? Peace my nigga