"X Files!!!!!!!" lyrics - DENZEL CURRY

"X Files!!!!!!!"

[Verse 1: Yung Simmie]
Rapidly spitting and getting this cake
Stay on my grind got no time for a brake
The niggas that hate,they can rest in lake
Thats food on on my plate and yo bitch in my place
Sucking and fucking is nothing don't love her
Stay with the nine and stay with the rubber
Heavy weight shit I ain't talking bout blubber
Brapt Brapt Brapt
Yeah the nine gonna studder
Call me Einstein if a nigga want problems
Straight check a nigga get em straight like a column
Ahead of my time what you getting I got em
Try me I pop em go in I stomp em
If a nigga think he high oh well I drop em
Im so modest chilling with a goddess
Thugging with them goblins
Real ain't a option
Tell a nigga stop me, arrogant and cocky
Weed to green yours brown like rocky
Walking on ice with my team like hockey
Bad bitch with me ride me like Kawasaki
Keep a white girl did never call me poppy
Nine on my hip will leave a nigga sloppy
Punch line king got the rap gang rocky
Let's B.E.T so a nigga need roxy rider gang shore them niggas wanna copy
Flow clean like water from the Rockies
G.M.T got hoes by the acre and they know that im all about paper
Dreads hang see money not a hater
Purple vans snapback on Lakers
But im broke ima cop that later
Wide awake but I'm a dream chaser
LT couldn't run it like I do
White girl pussy bald like calliou
Yung simmie try me you die fool
I write flame but a nigga spit piru
Im cold like ice from the north pole
I flow so nice make em say oh
Make em pay for the path like a damn toll
Yung simmie still hang with them ol goons
G.M.T taking over better stay tuned

[Verse 2: Denzel Curry]
Sometimes I just wonder how murder is all on my mind I just think im a psycho
Niggas who step will get moved to the left and the right its a knife and a tight rope
Slice them
Just like a knife and a samurai ready to chop chop
Desert to eagle im bout to get evil
I see it as legal I pop pop drop
Sorta like weezy I put on like jeezy
My niggas is on that dice game
Six six six is ultimate head crack
Pee-wee you see me I kill them so easy that niggas will think that im ruthless
Pussy I doubt it you claim that you boubt it but even yo niggas don't shoot shit
Creeper deeper putting these niggas in a sleeper
Freddy Kruger feeling just like lex luther
But niggas who thiking they super
Will end up getting they head cracked
Curry the killa is trilla my nigga a RVIDXR is true in that all black dat