"Phonkychevysouthernklvnzupimpinmusik" lyrics - DENZEL CURRY

feat. Lofty305 & POSHstronaut

[Verse 1: Lofty305]
Its just them blackland soundscapes
Smoking on loud breaks
Nigga can't do tryna' get that pound cake
Pound a nigga down
Talkin' bout my town
Cokey Shores Posh Gang
Real shit goes down
This is where dope boys go start families
Smokin' on fire trees with my family
That is all I wanna do
Let me get up in this
Lofty305, yeah I am spittin' that cokey shit
Mack shit attack a bitch
With my fly flow
Lofty305 listenin' to FlyLo
And my eyes low

[Verse 2: Denzel Curry]
Devil or satan
I am too hot to handle
Yes is that nigga that is wearin' jesus sandals
Get it?
I am packin' the genesis
Denzel curry aquarius killa
Lyricist about to kill it
Like go they villain
Ecstasy, your bitch is next to me
I am ridin' in the jay
Oh wait let me go and get the pedals
The black mags
Ridin' damn slow through motherfuckin' trey deuce
Wait, my nigga I have been havin juice like pac
Nigga they want to stop
Nigga I pop a copper then I leave his body rot
In the fuckin' garbage
That is hard shit
If a nigga ever try me
Fuck that he frying
Oh wait hold up he is flying

[Verse 3: Mr.B The Poshtronaut]
Yeah real shit
I got them brainfeeder beads
And your bitch is such a treat
Yeah she skeet skeet
On my motherfuckin' D
Damn mister B going this way
Out of the other hand comes that nigga from
BK Rick Ross nigga no hold up
Miami shores [?]
All these bitch niggas talkin' shit
Make these niggas straight throw up