"Trippy Phonk 1993" lyrics - DENZEL CURRY

"Trippy Phonk 1993"
feat. Nell & Yung Kane

Better get low!

[Verse 1: Nell]
Ratatatat, 'cause Mac came through classes
Spitting that savage
Cutting to that magic, drastic
I gotta make shit tragic
But I'm just coolin' with my niggas, chillin'
Room full of bad bitches
Selling trees so we get lit
The weed to me like the sixth sense
'Cause I bang on the tracks and get hella respect
Fuck with me 'cause they see [?]
But you niggas is losin' it
Nigga don't like he can get hit by a TEC
Fuck all you haters
I fuck with them raiders
We tasting the paper, alive and blessed
Flexing my chest while your bitch on my dick
But I left her behind because this shit look legit

[Verse 2: Yung Kane]
Step back to the right
Bitch on my left
Puff alot got a man go deaf
Fuck with your guns
Fuck a nigga [?]
Stick in the whip fo' [?] my hip ho'
Tight with my grip if a fuck nigga slip (yo)
Ending the clip then I start with the crew
Niggas is pussy, I fuck with a few
My [?] oh light
Bad bitch finna get me right
Every try I slide
Up five [?] play my mind, play
Damn right I do this
Shots fled a niggas head in your clueless
40 jump called a bitch named Luis
Bang bang, leave his brain in a sewage

[Verse 3: Denzel Curry]
Smokin and twistin my niggas [?]
Aquarius killa', that nigga be [?]
I'm taking your bitch and I know she gon lick it
(Com,-Com-Combo Breaker!)
Backin' these bitches