"Billy Ringo In The Dark" lyrics - DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS

"Billy Ringo In The Dark"

When you wake up in the morning and you ask yourself
"Why does it even matter if I exist at all?
If I'm going through the motions
And my better days have passed
Should I even stick around?
Do I have the wherewithal?"

You thought you were destined to conquer anything
Put yourself into the thickness and the joy the chaos brings
Swing at every fastball and knock it out the park
Explode the lights in fury Billy Ringo in the Dark

Life came down upon you with the weight of fallen worlds
The sound of screaming dogs in the silence fetal curled
Til no drink or pain reliever can afford a small relief
From the night sweats of the morning after dreams in bitter sleep

You wake up in the morning
And you travel through your day
And you laugh at all the good jokes
Then nonchalantly go your way
And go out for the evening
For some drinks and smokes with friends
Then leave them with a smile
As you walk back home again

Light the candles slowly
For the shadows they will cast
Leave unanswered questions
For other folks to ask
Escape the burdens looming
In answers bold and stark
In the first new dawn of sunlight
Billy Ringo in the Dark