"Shake And Pine" lyrics - DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS

"Shake And Pine"

So you've gone astray in a New York minute
Nothing left to say or ways to spin it
You've just gone too far, unsafe within it
All spun out and swept away

You were here one day, gone by sunset
You set out that way, lest, we soon forget
Blood on the sawdust, light coming in from a broken window pane

I shake and pine
You didn't really mean to do me wrong this time
Make it up as we go along to fake and find
A reason and a rhyme, The strength to carry on

Seems the more you know the less you like it
Til you ache to go and strike out on your own
Movement becomes you until you become
So removed by the hands you show

Seems the more I know
The less I have the answers to these things I sow
That eat me like a cancer till there's nothing left
For you to grab ahold of til I spiral out of control

You shake and pine
For a way out of this hell besides a life of crime
Standing before judgment, it'd be so sublime
To step out of your shadow and walk towards the sun

We shake and pine
Look inside for an answer to this nursery rhyme
Like a ballet dancer, we leap in the air, lost in the footlights
Lost in the footlights and the fog
Lost in the footlights and the fog

You got the hang, all your missing, Alabama claw
Above the bangs and lashes and we saw it all
Reaching for the stars but only catching dust