"Big Time" lyrics - FREAK POWER

"Big Time"

Big time lovers in a king-size bed,
Small town freaks and the local head.
The ding-a-ling girls dive dressed to kill
The boys giggled but they caught it on film.
Big Daddy Love took the room downstairs,
There was cats hanging out in their underwear.
He said, "It smells funky," but he's back for more.
The ninja sex was on the second floor.
The ground floor babies love to flip and trip
Up in the attic with the gooby whip.
Drowned your sorrows with the friends that you keep.
You trashed the garden the fell asleep.
Gilbert and George standing on there heads,
Four on the floor and then four in the bed.
Daisy Lady come shave our skins,
One's too fat and the other's too thin.
Freaky evenings as I recall,
Courtesy of the old snowballs.
Felt tip tripping with the marker sluts,
Tha Fonk Moose done drive you nuts.
Sunday night fever and we're totally wired,
Lord Lenny Lutch is just about retired,
We still watch Elvis on the split screen show,
The party's cardy's stone fit to blow.
Timothy Leary said to Kenny Sharfe,
"I think you need another cheeky half."
We've got Chris Eubank with the serious shit,
As your attorney I advise you to quit.
Garfield on the sofa with the freaks galore,
The Diceman hit him and he rolled a four.
He dug the kid's style and he's friend the roach,
We've got fear and loathing on the Southern Coast,

It's the big time, (gonna get by, by, by,)
It's the big time, (Totally fried, fried, fried.)