"What It Is?" lyrics - FREAK POWER

"What It Is?"
(Ashley Slater)

If you what you wear makes you a man,
And what you eat says who you are,
And what you see is all you gonna get,
Tell me what is what you is?

If what it is, is what it was,
And where it's at, is where it should have been,
And where I am, is where am I?
Please tell me What you is?

You got to stand back, and take a look,
You don't have to live your life by the book,
Look underneath the skin, see what is in,
Look out for the man.

If where you're coming from, is where you've already been,
And What's happening brother has happened,
And why am I is the reason why I am, please tell me,
What it what you is?