"Freak Power" lyrics - FREAK POWER

"Freak Power"
(Norman Cook / Ashley Slater)

A man, a plan he doesn't understand,
He can't live the life he wants to lead,
Dealin' with fools and brother ridicule,
Every day he got new rules to read.
Stop and fight man,
Make it right man,
Change the things you really hate.
The life he leads turns him inside out,
'Cause he's livin' in a master state.

Freak Power
Riding the freak wave.
Freak Power,
True, bein' a freak slave.
Freak Power,
Walking the freak walk.
Freak Power,
Talking like a freak talks.

A woman can't walk alone, she's on her own.
Takin' it home.
Footsteps in an alleyway, but she's got no other way to go.
Stop and think man! watcha doing man?
Can't you let your sister breathe?
She got the right 2 wander day and night,
And move where she please.

Some people say, and some people do,
All I want to know, is which one are you?
People stand around, doggin' on their brother,
Part one of the plan, respect each other...