"Dis Beat Disrupts" lyrics - GEORGE CLINTON

"Dis Beat Disrupts"

Dis beat disrupts
Dis beat disrupts
Dis beat disrupts
Dis beat disrupts

This beat obstructs the justice of the peace
And the quiet in your neighborhood tonight
And not only that your feet scramble like a riot's goin' on
Back and forth and up and down and all across the floor
I never felt like this before oh yeah it was a housequake

Did U ever get the feeling that the walls were shakin'
The ceiling was loose out from under top of the roof
Shut up, already

The beat came out so downright courageous
It choppin' the melody like a machete
The beat just stomps the groove into a power housequake
O.K. the next thing I know I heard a bam followed by a boom
Party people steady jumpin' all around the room
The cops came soon, we discovered they came 2 party
We were stone cold quakin', honest to God almighty
Bam went the back beat
Boom went the alpine woofers
Back to back
Consecutively they bumped
It was hell from the captain if the party did jump

So what U wanna know honey tell me about it
So what U got 2 say, and I might say yes
It might be good to go if you know one why doubt it
This is what U got comin'
Plenty of pumpin' humpin' pumpin' jumpin'
If it takes too long then you're doin' it wrong
Because it's positively easy on your feet cuz your jumpin'
The object is to keep to pick the groove, shut up
Hold that thought, better yet scrap it
The beat's cold chillin'
And derailing your train of thought dispatchin' it
The beats buried the groove and movin' it down to the ground