"The Big Pump" lyrics - GEORGE CLINTON

"The Big Pump"

Baby yeah
Pumpin' it with a big pump [4x]

You're my lover yes you are
Shining brighter than the brightest star
You turn me on so naturally
Your heavenly body only I can see
People are sayin' baby you're so smart
Picture your mind it's a work of art
Feelin' like a frog and I wanna jump
Got to do your body with the big pump

Pumpin' it with a big pump [4x]

You're been shootin' this crossbow
It's the chance to dance and fall in love, move your torso
Don't be afraid to shake that, back
Move your rump to the pump track
Get your back up off the wall
Get with the bass that pumps
Ya jumps 'cause you got to dig the stroke
It's no joke, 'cause the groove's all that
Move your body baby 'cause you know it's fat in a club after house
Doin' the pump is sure to move the wallflowers
You're up now it's time to get down
If you got a bad foot, use the good foot like James Brown
Let the rhythm improve your step, swing your partner
And if you can't swing with that, it's all in the technique
But this beat's so fat you look good with two left feet
So feel the heartbeat with the bump
'Cause you know you dig the big pump
You dig the big pump
Dig the big pump
Break it down

If I could make you dig this philosophy
Then I'd be doin' better than the ones before me
I'm feelin' like a frog and I need to jump
Talkin' 'bout doin' that body up
Talkin' 'bout doin' that body up
Talkin' 'bout doin' that body up with the big pump
With the big pump, good God

Pumpin' it with a big pump [4x]

Under a thick brick house Judy with a booty that's fat
And I'll show you how to skin the cat
Yeah 'cause I'm diggin' the format
I ain't layin' my game till I get you to the welcome mat
As we dance the horizontal
When I'm in the skins baby I'm hittin' Lotto
'Cause I likes the humpty hump
I'm up for the down stroke with the big pump

Pumpin' it with a big pump [4x]