"Paint The White House Black" lyrics - GEORGE CLINTON

"Paint The White House Black"

1,2,3 and I come with the wicked, White House, lights out boom, boom, boom with the bop gun, looks like I dropped one, I'm top gun.
Picture this, paint a picture, picture perfect, paint a perfect picture

Bill Clinton

Picture this, paint a picture, picture perfect, paint a perfect picture
Paint the White House black, brown

Yeah, what's up? What's boppin'? This is Dr. Dre call-
In' from the chronic control, could I speak to the President? Yeah, just tell him he was smokin' last night at the club, you know what I'm sayin'. What? He don't inhale? Well I know I got the wrong motherufckin' house! Did somebody beep me from there?

Colors don't clash, people do
Color me happy next to you
Oh just like it should, there goes the neighborhood
That is what they'd have us believe

Paint the White House black, brown
Paint the White house black [Repeat]

Looking through a view of views, seeing what they
Want you to,
Blinded by the flames of friendly fire,
And then they sat there like a dope
Until they choked from all that smoke
From behind a smoke screen of patriotic liars

Yo, well check this out. If you talk to George Clinton,
Tell him I'll catch him at the next plateau with the bomb,
You know what I'm sayin'. It's not the pretendo but the
Endo and I'll be droppin' some straight chronic at his
Front door.


'Cause white ain't right, so get the flashlight


No matter what creed, no matter what color
Now check this out

Yo, yo Flavor man we could kick it like this yo, yo we
Could kick it man, yc, word up, yo, check this out man,
You know the homeboys in Detroit, Minneapolis, L.A.,
And New York and down in D.C., man they got the
System in the back and boomin' it but they don't know
What we're sayin' but the homeboys know what we're
Sayin', know what I'm sayin'.

If love ain't got nothin' to do with it then keep it ain't no
Big secret we all know the reason people change
Every day but life stays the same one big game ain't a
Damn thing changed a woman's got to do what a
Woman's got to do be a mackstress don't let those mackers mack you so I get caught up in it I'm stressin' and
Tired the man who runs the joint has got me higher. It can
Be a White House a black house it can be a crack house
An out house if it ain't the right house go get your army
Gear ladies we got a fight they ain't gonna set aside
Another night it's so bad that Los Angeles is so scan-
Dalous give me somebody who can handle us Yo-Yo is on
Top of things so uh color me mad I'm ready for a change.

I came up short one time too many yet a brother got to
Be comin' out his nickels and countin' up his last pennies
Buyin' brushes and bum rushin' homey's greenery, many
Envy but a hill of beans is what it means to me leave it up
To me I'm paintin' the White House black, there ain't no
Future in your frontin' so why the hell you frontin' jack it'll
Either change or we're gonna change it.

Yeah it's gettin' old

Usin' up everything from spray cans to charcoal put '^m
Up. put the crew up on discharge leavin' wet paint signs
In the front yard

George, these people crazy man, they don't even know what I'm sayin'

Airbrushed and colorized change right before our eyes
Real is visualized in every frame and let the love shine
From the right house be it the black, red or white house
Through our fear the puppeteer can pull our strings.
Whoa, well alright, again I say oh say can you see, the
Puppeteer pull the strings of you and me from the White
House, the out house of territorial conquest, the HUD
House, the pro-this anti-that. white against black, the right
To life versus pro-choice.

I pledge allegiance to the flag being all I could never be

Kam read his toe tag

Yeah this is USA-K all day and you can't interrupt Lay Back

What's up

Stars and stripes for the Tarzan types got brothers like
Me behind bars and on pipes damn I'm gettin' took for a
Trip they got me seein' stars from the club and stripes
From the whip why must you all be like that, I ain't into
Politics so skip them white-collared tricks they never did
Us no good to hell with the space shuttle put some
Money in the hood and make jobs let's mob up to the
Capitol then we ain't got to rap at all power to the people
And the only way to get free is the J to the U-S-T-I-C-E.

Picture this, paint a picture, picture perfect, paint a perfect picture

You all can't stop the bum rush, so get the paint brush,

It's time for a change

Paint the White House black, brown

Listen to the real Clinton, who Bill Clinton, hell no I'm talkin' 'bout George Clinton

Paint the White House black, brown

All one blood only different color and in a dis ya time you
Have to help yo neighbor look at the downtown area no
Food to eat no shelter, them have to live in a house made
Of paper, and when it rains it falls through like a sift wire
Hunger deh hunger all over 'bout time all of us come
Together Ice Cube and Dr. Dre, NWA, Flavor Flav and
Chuck D., Public Enemy, Flea and Anthony stirring up I
The chili, Yo-Yo, Kam and Breed, Prince and Pupa,
That's me

1,2,3 and I come with the wicked boom, boom, boom
With the bop gun looks like I dropped one you can get
With this or you can get with that got to peel this cap.
Who's the mack, shit, I'll paint the White House black

Picture this, paint a picture, picture perfect,
Paint a perfect picture [Repeat]
There goes the neighborhood
Picture this, paint a picture, picture perfect, paint a perfect picture

Clinton in the house

Paint the White House black, brown

No matter what creed, no matter what color with God by
My side we're gonna change this power


Red, white or blue, purple or whatever, won't even care if it's Technicolor


No matter what creed or what color


With God by my side we're gonna change this power
You understand what I'm sayin' cuz that's the way it be,
Because his name is George and his last name begins
With a "C"

Picture this, paint a picture, picture perfect, paint a perfect picture

Yeah George Clinton nineteen ninety tre dropptn' it on all
You punk ass mother ufkers and thats how we do it, you know what I'm sayin', yeah

Paint the White House black, brown

Those who oppose to be leveled up next to this I ain't the
Devil this ain't The Exorcist worse than a nightmare you
Don't have to sleep a wink the pain the mind gets every
Time you think flashbacks interfere you start to hear P-
Funk in your ear

Yeah, what's up this is Dr. Dre callin' from chronic control, peace an' hair grease, I'm out!

Yo, Dre was panasonic, what's up now