"Black Seed" lyrics - HAKEN

"Black Seed"

Thirsty seeds won't grow without celestial flow
From the blood of the earth,
Or tears of the gods bring forth life

Burning tree, ash in the breeze, land on fire
Human desire for rising flames,
Blackened remains, all is still

Rising through the earth
And let the light summon birth,
Reaching arms to the sun
Or beckoned by God, brings forth life

Falling tree, death in the leaves, land in pain,
All in vain of wounded hearts
Scattered remains, all is still

Life, endless paradise
Bound to a destined demise
Come alive, dancing in the wind,
Beauty tainted by sin

Sin of man, don't bite the hand that feeds,
Respect the tree that gives you air to breathe
Resist the need to feed, the black seed of human greed
Is the curse that holds us in its grasp
But nature will prevail,
Will nature prevail?
Only time will tell if nature will prevail

Endless paradise,
Bound to a destined demise

I'm still alive, dancing in the wind
Beauty tainted by sin, tainted by sin

Standing free, hope in the trees, breath of life
Nature's desire for healing scars
The forest remains, all is still