"Souls" lyrics - HAKEN


Draw back the curtains, there is light,
Our mystery shall be revealed.
Like a raindrop falling from the sky,
We'll merge with the ocean of souls.

Nothing in the distance,
Can't you see your journey's end?
Only existing as a memory.

Life is free, make the most
Of what'cha got before it costs.
Fly with the wind, don't be
Chained down by your doubts.
Plant the seed, feed the need
That breeds inside you.

And we will never turn to stone,
Our spirit will travel beyond.
If you're searching for the answers,
You will find there is no proof.

Feel the void, it waits,
Bound by man's fate.
Flesh will rot inside the tomb,
No return from death.
Embrace the end, solitary entrapment.
Souls cascade, time dissolves,
Embrace your fate.

Elevate, ascend beyond your mind,
Submerge with the stream of life.
From this mortal zenith we inhale,
We gaze on the valley of life.

Everyday must close,
I have turned to stone,
Existing as a memory.
Time dictates our end.

White light pulls me, shines on my memory.
Intrigue draws me, mortal mystery.
Mist engulfs me, clouds our history,
Elation guides me, senses in harmony.

Myth engulfs my senses...