"Snow" lyrics - HAKEN


Mind open wide as I awake,
I sense a change within the air.
Hope fills my soul, I realise.

Rising to see what lies ahead,
Frost tainted pain calling my name.
Come and feel what I can see.

Frozen tears come to me,
Echoes of a long lost memory
(Gift of winter's dance)
Gift of winter's dance,
Angels floating down.

Dancing alone I celebrate,
Cascades of white exhilarate,
Breath dissipates into the mist.

Fingers of ice creep onto me,
I feel the chill sneak into me.
Come and hear what I can see.

Someone's calling (someone's calling me)
Someone's calling (someone's calling me)
Snow is falling (angels falling free)
Angels falling (winter's dance is here).

Come to me mortal, feel the wrath of winter.
Hear me, set me free, spread my misery.

Frozen land, be still, feel the wrath of winter.
Curse thee, ever be under my spell for eternity.

Feel my rage, the anger within,
Fear my need to rip you apart,
I will climb to set things right.

Your curse won't pass as long as I stand.
I have risen victorious,
Seasons will return.
(Sun unleash your light)
Sun unleash your light
(Guide me to my home)
Guide me to my home.

Rays of golden light,
Praise! The new beginning has arrived.

Seeds of nature grow, I see roots of change
Break through the curse of the snow.
Sky is open wide, bring me floods of liquid light!

Sun has returned,
Spreading light and warmth around us.
Celebrate till the end
And the land will grow again.

Burn fire burn, light the faces of the elders
As we dance, as we sing, celebrating till the end.

La la la la la
Oh oh oh

Wine overflows
From the barrels of the vineyards
As we drink, as we smoke
And the herbs will grow again.

Drunk with delight,
Where the laughter is contagious,
Rivers flow, flowers grow
And the land is born again.

La la la la la
Oh oh oh

Peace at last, curse has passed,
Seasons flow, we run free.
Time restored, winter waits,
When it calls, we'll embrace.
Peace at last, curse has passed,
Seasons flow, we're running free.