"Benediction" lyrics - HELSTAR


Rising through the sacred grounds
From the landscape vast and wide to see;
In the distance far
Where light shines in your eyes;
You're blinded, beyond thoughts
In your mind, those dreams
That haunt you down to bleed
The might of the men; whose thoughts look
Them straight through their blinded eyes
Whom they lay the tasks for
To teach us of our sins

There is a keeper who looks
Into his crystal ball
To watch and command
All the people who come and pray
To his image of a man
As they look to him they bow their heads
And kneel in the court yards
To away his sermon
As a figure of monk rises to the stand
Discloses his hood
To pray a command

Mass has now began
(All hail) me!
Who's in your minds
And will command
All (our lives)
For those who seek
(We seek) my guidance
Are to give themselves to me

(Blessed be) me!
Who is the lord thy god to be
For this the time, now (in fear)
You all shall be, willed by praises
Of faith and love to whom (to you)
Alast the time is near, for I must
Speak these words so you can
Hear (the benediction)
I am the lord!
For all must say (amen) to a man

Here in the fields
Someone is calling my
Name: words for
The rightious:v (speak my son)
And words for
Those who are blind

Deceitful deceiver
You liar of man
Here this our God!
Make this man pray
Run from him all
He's not what you say
You will bow down
Or you're going to pay

[Andre solo]

My father, my god
A sign to see
That in their time
They might believe
On earth, satan free
Know! No he'll not
See the sun once again
In pain will his
Life surely end
Then you'll all bow to me
And god up above will bless
Me you'll see

High across
Darkness falls
The shadows of fear
Now over the land
Candles at mass
And touches a blazed
Hear now the end
A false prophets dismay

The priest and his guards
Steal what they can
Draining the blood
From this man
The last final sin
And the man is done in
Filling their
Cups to the rim

Flash! Lightning rips
Trough the skies
A rumbling sound
As they toast their cups high
The last drop is done
Their eyes open wide
Ripping inside
Their minds start to fry

They rip at their skin
And pluck their own eyes
Like vultures
In human disguise
A man from the crowd
With shame on his brow
Stands to speak
These words to me
No, No! How can this be?
For a man of our God,
Can deceive us you see!

Father, I promise the sleeper will awaken