"The Curse Has Passed Away" lyrics - HELSTAR

"The Curse Has Passed Away"

I am covered in much shame
As I watch my neighbors die
I am but to blame
Now I pay the price

Dear Lord hear me call
May you forgive all my sins
How I need your redemption
To bring this curse to its end

Here I stand before his evil lair
Anticipating the night to fade
It shall be done I cannot turn back now
My people his victims in, hell, they'll not stay

As I crawl through these halls of darkness
My life keeps flashing before my eyes
With God in my heart and stake in my hand
Will I seal his faith ahead the mystery

Someone hear my cries the sickness must die
I can only pray the curse will pass away
Now I face my feudal tyrant
I see his eyes watch the rising sun
The look of triumph turns to hate
As I plunge the stake my revenge is done

[AC/LB solo]

Someone hear my cries the sickness has died
I could only pray the course would pass away
His body crumbled into dust
Then passed before my sight
Remaining only his cloak and ring by its side
A look of peace not seen before
Upon his face I saw last
Now I've freed their souls
The undead shall come to rest

Night has lost it's fears
I only pray the curse will pass away