"To Sleep, Perchance To Scream" lyrics - HELSTAR

"To Sleep, Perchance To Scream"

I'm the one you fear
The voice that chus out your name
I'm out for new blood
Tonight your soul I'll claim

You're the victim I endure
Parched I watch you sleep
Awakened to my stare
In trance you're falling deep

To sleep per chance to scream

I'm the prince of phantoms
Who's not inhabited hell
My telepathic powers
Weave you in my spell

Excuse my icy touch
I'm of corporeal structure
Join me in twilight existence
Eternal youth with one puncture

To sleep per chance to scream

Soon I'll have my kingdom
I'll be lord of the dead
In the land beyond death
Where even angels fear to thread

You cannot run nor can you hide
I own your soul

Can you believe your eyes still that I am for real
Do I send you a chill while I'm having my thrill
As I watch your blood spill that gives me my fill
For me another night for me another kill

The acrid smell of blood
I taste with my breath
Your last cling to my cloak
Reanimated you

Next sunset you'll rise
Into immortality
Vampiric afterlife
Imprisoned for my needs

To sleep per chance to scream