"Certified (Chamber No. 9)" lyrics - INSPECTAH DECK

"Certified (Chamber No. 9)"

Beware the Ides of March
And at some time I master the bad piece

Now I couldn't stop, even if I came with ABS
Wavy? fed? cashing crazy checks? that's why they be vexed
Got they lady wet, 'cause I'm far out, Space Cadet
I've been breaking necks? since the boombox tape cassettes
I ain't faded yet, place your bet, Deck's a major threat
Sort of like a portrait of nature the way I take your breath
Coast-to-coast? no boasting, yo, you're the favourite, Deck
Everyday I'm making boss moves, y'all been taking baby steps
Pull up in the Navy stretch next to the grey sea, yes
Nobody guards homie, I'm straight in the shady set
I get paid for rec petrifying like the face of death
How I handle these kids got niggas calling ACS
Hate to check me out, no doubt, I'm out the spray the set
Aimin' vet, pushing more raw than the way connect, make them sweat
Imma blow your mind like the greatest sex
Lines so defined, like I wrote it with a laser jet

When I introduce you, I'm gonna say, "This is a friend of mine", that means you're a connected guy
Now if I say instead that, "This is a friend of ours", that means you're a made guy, "A Capiche?"

Certified, rappin' fire verse, once the curtains slide
Leader of the rebellion, yo, this could turn the tide
Stay killing it, my God, watch the murder rise
Input my output watch the server fry
I let the burner fly dickheads get circumcised
My life is one big dream like in the workers eyes
I hear the whispers I heard the murmur lies
So what the snakes in my circle I bear no further ties
Sir, I, bring the pain like the hurt inside
Or when the person died you should've heard the cries
Word of wise, fuck with rebel, it ain't worth the prize
'Cause I be deep in the crease right where the serpent lies
I make your lady clap that ass maybe twerk her thighs
Merrily these words go round like a circus ride
Trying to tell him Rebel won't be commercialized
Worldwide delivery to your curbside

"This is my friend, more even than my own family"

"Is that right?
Friend of mine, friend of ours?
What do I call you, friend of ours or-or"

"Keep your fucking mouth shut about me. We're done."