"Shaolin Rebel" lyrics - INSPECTAH DECK

"Shaolin Rebel"

[Intro: sample]
This mission is vita - you must succeed. But I'll warn you, you'll meet with some formidable opposition. The Guardians use finger power and they're experts. But still, the whole future of Shaolin temple depends on your success
I swear I'll do my best, no matter what the cost

[Verse 1: Inspectah Deck]
The whole world watch when Deck go live
Black and yellow Wu fitted with them Retro 5s
Plus the glow all natural, I sweat, no shine
Man they love me so much the check is X-O signed
You can find me in the pits where it ain't all good
You can find me out of town where the scene all woods
You can find me near the safe if indeed y'all could
But to find me anywhere y'all got to leave y'all hood
I'm fresh off the jet where the time go back
They despise that, watch a hater eyes go back
I just laugh, count the money, burn a hydro-sack
But if you want it that bad, you know where I post at
I seen niggas pay the price for they name in lights
And like you can pull it off if you play it right
You ain't built for it, you ain't seen the blood spilt for it
You either kill it or get killed for it

[Interlude: sample]
Your Highness
My Lord, what do you think?
It looks quite bad
And that means?
Well My Lord, I think there's trouble ahead
You must go to Shaolin now. Listen, I warn you; don't fail
Shaolin will be under my control

[Verse 2: Inspectah Deck]
You play a dangerous game knowing you lame
Now you wanna come fuck with the grain
You insane?
Or maybe that's your man gas
You know your man asks, "How you gang gang with yoga pants and handbags?"
I don't get it, maybe I ain't supposed to
Comparin' 'em to be is like Stop and Shop to Whole Foods
I'm Scarface at the interview-so rude
I'm oldschool but still cooking the soul food
We gotta lot of devils rocking angel wings
It's 2019 I seen stranger things
Everywhere I appear I'm clear to make a scene
I'm Blade Runner, gliding on a lazer beam
Water with the alkaline
Ain't no doubt in mind
I work 'em out like a mountain climb
With or without your love I'll be fine
I'll be riding that thin line, I'm runnin' outta time

[Outro: sample]
Come now, it's time