"Longevity" lyrics - INSPECTAH DECK

(D. Harris / J.K. Hunter)
feat. U-God

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
Uh, yea
In my time, I've seen a lot of people come and go
A lot of new faces, been to a lot of new places
Wherever we went, we always held it down
While we conquered new grounds. It's a universal sound
The Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game

[Hook 2x: Inspectah Deck]
Not many last in the game
Wu-Tang come through, breakin out the same way we came
This is not an act, this is actual facts
Nothin but experience placed upon the tracks

[Inspectah Deck]
We stand perpendicular with no flaws
Breakin all laws, plus jaws, the writin's on the walls
Heartless, starvin artists, out to get our's
Regardless, marvelous doctrines, we shock this
Fist of the black lotus, bustin out the steel cage
Iron Mic Duel made the front page
Outlaws, out for your's, get down on all fours
Rebel with a cause, without applause to the score
"Pillagin" with Donna-Cap, this persona raps
Hittin like a cornerback, blitzin' on the track
Fully-auto, got the mic blow, strike low
High-caliber flow move the crowd, twist your torso
2009, block party, Bobby Digital, pop corks to us
And the God's we trust, adjust
To the highs that we bring with the lows
In the midst of hell speakin out in morse code
Runnin wild like dogs out the kennel through the venue
Simple chemistry, vitamins plus the minerals
Organic vowels, consonants, syllables
Condition critical, ill individual
Paint a picture too vivid for the visual
Material rips through to the gristle

[Hook 2x]

Yo, the messages in my music grab you, stuck in my sentence
Got to spit from the bottomless pit, speakin my vengeance
Masked avenger never surrender my heritage
Killah Hill resident, 5'10" be my measurement
On land we stand under flags as confederates
You think you rule, pity the fool when the shell drops, it's hot
Bodies scream to the extreme, damn, I'm delicate
We livin irrelevant, intelligent, dirty habit
They full of fragments, abandon all 10 commandments
Damage is done as the records spins, hatred in my features
Untamed, thus these cold blooded creatures bust
Architect gladiator radiates the power
Erupt with corrupt minds, locked in the tower
The crook's pressure cooked invasion be destroyed
Self-employed paranoid androids

[Inspectah Deck]
My rhyme cold winds clear streets and slams shutters
Basic Instinct to tear the roof off the mother
Drastic verbal gymnastics, far from the average
Hold the planet like Galactus
Lone Ranger, ancestors rolled with stone bangers
Never met a force deadly as my own anger
Clutch performer, raised on the blood soaked corners
Of real life with real trife heads, they prey on ya
And not many last on the game
Whether it be lies, fly songs or drugs you slang
In the beginnin, it didn't come fast amongst the gun blast
Strivin, my eyes on lump sums of cash
Cash Rules Everything Around Me, surroundin me with champagne wishes
But I see long distance, a strong vision planted deep within the mental
Mind detect mind and analyze what I sent you

[Hook 2x]