"Movas & Shakers" lyrics - INSPECTAH DECK

"Movas & Shakers"
(J.K. Hunter)

This goes out to all my niggas
Spendin they last on gas, grass and ass
And to all my ladies playin in bars free drinks
And shit push it up push it up

Keep on, ya don't stop, if ya don't stop maybe ya won't stop
If ya won't stop maybe ya can't stop
So keep on, keep on an on ya keep on
Ya don't stop, if ya don't stop maybe ya won't stop
If ya won't stop than ya can't stop
So keep on, keep on an on

Rebellious-I, felonas city slicker
Real nigga hit ya district with the impact of a twista
Now clear the zone, rhyme down the phone lines and toss motor homes
My poems were found next to dinosaur bones
Perform by the elders before the king's throne
This style has no origin or birth date
And scientists research can not calculate
The great mind skatin' through space and time
Vibratin' thru the bass lines that stun man kind
Reclined in the leather seat the cassette blasts
Vocals that smash out the bullet proof glass
Rippin' through your 15's like Wolverine
Sick with the lyric there be no vaccine
You attach with the tractor beam, rap fiend
And all heads who feel it lick off a magazine


We trip the light, ride to the rhythms of the night
Skin tight honeys show me love at first sight
Work light crazy legs nonstop body rock
My hip hop drop you to your knees in shock
Watch for the spot rushers, slang hustler
Lackluster skills, salute the drill instructor
Yes yes y'all I heard the 'S.O.S.' call
INS to the rescue about to bless y'all
Got 'em brawlin' in the mess hall and the dance hall
They ants y'all and I remain to stand tall
Can't fall, son'll restore like Michael Jackson off the wall
Singin' life ain't so bad at all
When ya livin' it we all deserve the finer things
Like foreign cars, fancy clothes, and diamond rings
My exotic dancers keep shakin' ya thing
To my niggas on the streets thats soon to be king


Keep on keep on an on
Last call for alcohol bartender two Kahlua's and milk
With crushed ice in the blender
What up love?
Lets jelly off the dance floor
Before ya man come lookin' for points he can't score
More than you bargained for, deserve an encore
Putt 'em down, you put 'em up till ya sore
Motion picture thoughts project in wide screens
Laced off the lime green, duckin' high beams
Swift sword, making fetti out the bill board
Rap pro, throwin' up bombs like Jeff George
Catch me next tour feel free to explore
Don't sweat me at the door like we met before
Tryin' to dick ride, I'm inside where the chicks hide
Quick slide move, we lootin' the spot...
Quick slide move, we lootin' the spot