"Tombstone Interlude" lyrics - INSPECTAH DECK

"Tombstone Interlude"

[Inspectah Deck]
Still running your mouth, gun in your mouth
Why you wanna start shit?
With the hardest known, bad to the bone, fuck shit up regardless
Modern day martyr, larger than your dollar bill
Numerous groups are faded, the diehards holla still
Killa Killa Hill, still build and destroy the track
Deal is the boy is back, y'all killing the thrill
I deal in the field, walk my talk, talk revealing the real
I do it for the spoken heard, those who feel what I feel
And I won't let up the pressure, til the pipes bust, the mic's dust
Strike up the cash, man, I catch you when my flight touch
And don't play with the king, and don't play in the ring
The body shot's brutal, leave you laid in a sling
Now get your tombstone, before you're moved on
Before your bird get distracted by the blue stone
Son is a beast, come from the east, the mogul keeps it global
Mountain mover, pounds of buddah
Serving the streets the soul food
Many'll call, few are chosen, few are hoping, few opposing
Dude was joking til the ruger smoked him, exposed him
It's more than a game, cats who hate rap, calling my name
For that morphine flow, break a needle off in your vein