"We Get Down" lyrics - INSPECTAH DECK

"We Get Down"

"Are you ready?"

[Hook: Inspectah Deck]
You know how we get down, we gets down
Whenever we come round, it goes down
You know how we get down, we gets down
Whenever we come round, it goes down

[Inspectah Deck]
House Gang Undadog, do it for pay
Would tell you kill the rumors, but it's true what they say
Yo, what they say? He be popping like he using the K
UDz, Urban I, another usual day
You can see me on G street, twirling the kush
Prime time, nigga roll with the circle of crooks
Break bread with my G's, they be serving it good
What's the time, what's the reason, what's the word in the hood
I be moving so you know I got a ear to the block
Heard a voice then all that I could hear was the shots
Killa Hill, the badlands, we are the cops
Where you get popped just when you nearing the top
INS, I been there, lived there and done it
Still grind, know I comb through the city for hundreds
Still shine, though the kid stay gritty and love it
He ain't that nigga, you can get it for nothing, hey


[Inspectah Deck]
S.I.N.Y., crossing the water
See Stoney got that headcrack, four and a quarter
Big unit, pitching this corner to corner
Getting gwap see my daughter gross more than Kimora
Two stepping to the thief theme, real with this thing
True heads represent cuz they feeling the king
Pop a bottle, daddy start doing his thing
While the goons in the bathroom stealing your bling
Man, don't take it personal, it's only the business
All or nothing, INS, know me to get it
Oak dash, stone driveway, linoleum kitchen
Big plasma with the game on, roll with my slippers
The shit that I'm on, they ain't market it yet
Sick maid with the swift blade honor my rep
New Jack City Nino, nigga, growing up fast
Get tossed off the fourth floor right in the trash, yeah