"B.B.Q. & Foam" lyrics - JOE ELY

"B.B.Q. & Foam"
(Ed Vizard)

Remember the night the soul band blasted?
Nothing in the world that one could say
There I first felt your touch, as your eyes cut right through me
And I knew that I would know you someday

Well I said what I meant in that hobo jungle
Still have you believe that it was true
Though I knew, as you knew, that I knew I needed you
But I never could reveal myself to you

You knew from the very first day
I never intended to stay
I don't know what I could say
I was just running away

Well it didn't end so much the way that it began
In the honky-tonk, barbecue and foam
Crystal shattered there, 'neath the chill of springtime stars
And I noticed you weren't there when I got home

I just can't blame you at all
I've been on both sides of that wall
Just one thing before you say so long
I never meant to do you any wrong

I still think about the time we had together
Never could mean more than what it means
Thank you for helping me though all that rough weather
I don't think you'll be alone, sunshine turning