"Time For Travelin" lyrics - JOE ELY

"Time For Travelin"

I came into Atlanta
Dreamin' of Lorraine
Came so tired of ridin'
Cross the Savanna Plain
Still feel the wheels a-rollin'
Feel them just the same
Steel wheels still a-rollin'
On a long night train

She met me at the station
Took me to her room
Was a time of meeting
Was a risin' moon
Angels set the table
With candles and beer
Heard that midnight train moan
Miles away from here

Instrumental Chorus

Lay me down a pallet
Lay it soft and low
Lorraine lay beside me
Sad I had to go

Gypsy boy I traveled with
Played his old guitar
We watched that candle flicker
Like some low morning star

But the time to part must always come
Time the bells must ring
Time for lovers to say goodnight
I'll see you in my dreams

Time to part must always come
Time when trade-winds sing
Time to hit the road again
Time for travelin'