"Back That Thing Up" lyrics - JUSTIN MOORE

"Back That Thing Up"
(Randy Houser / Jeremy Stover)

I know you scared of that cock-a-doodle-do
Don't worry he ain't going to hurt you
I know you ain't never milked a cow before
You ain't never slung hay from a second floor barn door
You never heard of Daisy or of Ellie May
Well, that's okay 'cause we got all day

Honey, back that thing up
Throw it in reverse, let daddy load it up
Honey, back that thing up
If you going to work a farm you got to learn to drive a truck
Honey, back that thing up

Yeah, yeah, right back here
You ain't looking too at home in them cowboy boots
But them pigtails and cutoffs work on you
You going to learn to love this kinda life
You're going to fit right in, now shut up and drive and


We still got a lot to do, open the gate water the mule
Ain't no time to play today, no rolling in the hay


Come on throw her in reverse darling
And get it on back here to daddy
I need you to pull her on the other side of the barn now
Now, now you got to turn them wheels
There you go, now crank her back just a hair right there