"How I Got To Be This Way" lyrics - JUSTIN MOORE

"How I Got To Be This Way"
(Justin Moore / Jeremy Stover)

I rolled my daddy's truck off the Dixonville curve after drinking my fifth beer
And I fed hogs trying to pay him off for most of my senior year
I got my jaw jacked by a big ole boy for messing 'round with his girlfriend
But she was tall and tan and she kissed just right but I'll never do that again

Yeah, I've done some pretty stupid things but hey
I'm a little bit harder and whole lot smarter
That's how I got to be this way

I've been kicked in the face by horse 'cause I ran up too fast behind him
And I shook hands on a deal with a man, and found out he was lying
I've broken a couple good girls hearts 'cause I said I loved em knowing I couldn't
An I've given my heart to a woman who said she'd stay, when I knew she wouldn't


I've been bit I've been burned
But I've lived and I've learned from it
I've made some mistakes but that's what it takes to make a man out of a kid



That's how I've got to be this, how I've got to be this
How I've got to be this way...