"I Could Kick Your Ass" lyrics - JUSTIN MOORE

"I Could Kick Your Ass"
(Brian Dean Maher / Justin Moore / Jeremy Stover)

You got your million bucks
You got your flashy sports car
You got your trophy girls
Man you think you're a star
You got your teeth bleached
You like to play the rich game
Yeah you think you're a cowboy
The new Jesse James

But I could kick your ass
I could jack your jaw
Put you flat in the dirt boy
Yeah I'd have a ball
So go ahead and act tough
Like you're John Wayne's son
But things can change fast
I can kick your ass

Tried to steal my girl
Better bring your big friends
Another one or two
'Cause you're gonna need them
You're a little too small
To be calling me names
I'm '
Bout to knock that smirky little grin
Right off of your face