"Sand To Pearls" lyrics - JUSTIN YOUNG

"Sand To Pearls"

I don't see the answer
I only see the "why"
I don't see the big picture
I only see the size
You say learn to love the flow
You say to leave my current undertow

You, you are my wish
You are my kiss
You are the hand that covers my fist
You are my sight
Everything that is right with the world
You turn sand to pearls

I don't see the point
Until it's breaking skin
Don't feel like having fun, no
'Cause eventually someone is always hurtin'
You say learn to see symbols
You tell me it's wiser than us both, oh

I would have walked that way - but I couldn't see it
I only believed in it - because you believed it
Now I know what to do
I keep my seatbelt fastened
And enjoy the ride my passion will choose