"Sideshow Attraction" lyrics - JUSTIN YOUNG

"Sideshow Attraction"

I'm just a highway no name just a number
Moving you faster back to good
I don't mind saving a weary traveler
Just tell me I'm no destination

I'm just a pillow helping hold your head up
Mildly comforting when you're lonely at night
You reach to hold me
'Cause you hate feeling space beside you
But I don't get to go under the covers

All that I am is a sideshow attraction
All that I am is a little distraction and...
All that I'll ever be
Is here to amuse you, but that don't amuse me
(Baby) When you use me

I'm just a rain coat handed to your closet
Hanging on every word that the weather man says
(Does it look like rain?)
I hold you tightly
You tell me that I fit nicely but
You fold me up first sign of summer

You're just a river running under my highway
I thought I'd stop and maybe go for a swim
You looked inviting
But I felt your chilly waters
I think I wait to find the ocean

All that you are is a field trip excursion
All that you are is a little diversion
All that you'll ever be
Is here to amuse me, but that don't amuse you
When I use you

How does it feel, how does it feel
How does it feel when the shoes on the other foot