"Swept Under" lyrics - JUSTIN YOUNG

"Swept Under"

Her hotel is a hospital with a picture
Of how life is suppose to be
Living at twenty
She came down with a broken heart
They can't fix her
Just tell her, her time is going to come
She says, "i want to believe. I want to believe."

I'm not gonna be
Not gonna be swept under the rug
I'm not gonna have
Not gonna have left this world untouched
Take these things from me
As trinkets you can keep next to bed
So you don't forget
She was just a child when the news began leaking
He tried to shut it off and said, "let's read it in the paper instead."
He broke it down over breakfast
And in his tone and tears she knew
She says, "i want you to believe. I want you to believe."

I'll be letting go of you tonight
Easier if I know I'll survive
Out of sight but still crossing your mind, your mind...