"Down To The Core" lyrics - KERRY LIVGREN

"Down To The Core"

Well I don't want your high position
And I don't need your riches and fame
I got no use for your way of thinkin'
'Cause it only leads to trouble and shame

The way you talk just leaves me empty
The things you say, they leave me cold
It ain't my place to sit in judgement
But I hate to see you growing so old

Down to the core, where we're all the same
Down to the core, we need something to believe in
Down to the core, It's a cryin' shame
You'll never make it alone

There's no relief in your possessions
There's no relief in what you own
And what you reap in the coming future
Don't you know it's only what you have sown

Down to the core, it's an empty hole
Down to the core, and there's nothin' at the bottom
Down to the core, you're an empty soul
You'll never make it alone

There's no belief in all your wisdom
There's no insurance in what you know
'Cause what you know is gonna leave you nowhere
When you're standin' at the end of the road

Down to the core, you need somthin' real
Down to the core, and there's only one solution
Down to the core, don't you really feel
You'll never make it alone