"How Can You Live?" lyrics - KERRY LIVGREN

"How Can You Live?"

Are you climbing the walls but the walls are too high
Do you fall to the ground when you reach for the sky
Does the picture you have in your mind never turn out right
Do the things that you do leave a hole in your soul
Is the best you can do always short of the goal
And the way it's supposed to be just never is

How can you live when nothing's there
Something is gone inside you now
Look to the Word that says it all
Everything will turn out fine

Does the fly in the ointment get under your skin
Have you had quite enough of the state that you're in
Are you living in style but you find that it leave you cold
And the years of your life are just drifting away
There is nothing to feel, you have nothing to say
But the emptiness on your heart is getting old


Does your social position reflect who you are
Does the face in the mirror look back from afar
And the look in your eyes is of someone you don't know
So you're trying to cope with the world on your own
And you're still unaware that the way has been shown
And the doorway of hope is standing open wide