"Ground Zero" lyrics - KERRY LIVGREN

"Ground Zero"

Days are short and time so dear
So very much remains to be done
It's time to speak of one so near
'Til all hearts have been won

The day is coming when men will look to the skies
The consummation of all who realize
We are waiting for ground zero

The wall is high beyond is much to find
A barrier we built so long ago
With fearful hope and a faith that is not blind
From clouds of joy we'll see the depths below


Across the sea and far away
The eyes of all the world await the Passion Play
The final act at last begun
The new is born the old is bound to pass away
No more the turn of the pages
And now the hope of the ages
For all the bondage is broken, all who see

The oracles, the prophets of the past
The miracle of knowledge was revealed
The plan was laid upon a strong foundation
So long ago the future was sealed