"Unholy Triad" lyrics - KEVIN MAX

"Unholy Triad"

Step out in the light and you feel the pain
Spread your wings of danger and you will not feel again
Is it really worth it?
I stayed up overnight reading everything
Looking for a hidden verse to make some sense of this
Why'd you disconnect?
And I watch through eyes of steel
Safety net breaking down

You and me were caught up in this scene
One and one and one always makes three
You and me and someone in between
Makes an unholy triad
Here we are just swimming on the floor
As my soul is crawling out the door
I will not share you anymore
'Cause its an inverted triad

Lets rendezvous some place where none can see
In a cage of my design through bars of velveteen
Secret captivity
And I have abducted you
Knowing all the time you wanted me to...

You and me we're caught up in this scene
On the edge and baring all our teeth
Some say common sense is for the weak
In this our unholy triad
Here we are just spinning on the floor
All the world's a stage and we want more
One and one and the other feels like four
And its an unholy triad.