"We Love Dangerous" lyrics - KEVIN MAX

"We Love Dangerous"

We lived our lives
Just like James Dean
Got trapped within the same old scene
Racing down the road
Out of control

I met you in that washed up town
It rained that year and never stopped
My heart it must be healing
'Cause I'm growing old

We tested every single fate
And we bent the rules into our own shapes
'Cause we love dangerous
Oooh oooh we love dangerous
In us we learn to trust
'Cause we love dangerous

You were wild and decadent
I worshiped you just like a saint
And everything we touched
Seemed to turn to gold

We took shelter in the dark of night
The love we shared our only vice
Defend me from myself
'Cause I'm on overload

And everybody cringes at the sight
Of the paradox of our lives
'Cause we love dangerous

And now we're running- for sure
But we've got nowhere- to go
Broke down -but not broken
Holding on we're holding on
Holding on...

We make believe we're raising kids
A country house, a picket fence
Chasing all those dreams
Like a rolling stone

And we tested every spirit that was named
In the end we let God and Time decide our fate
'Cause we loved dangerous
Oooooh we love dangerous
In us we learn to trust
'Cause we love dangerous.