"Walking Through Walls (Just To Get To You)" lyrics - KEVIN MAX

"Walking Through Walls (Just To Get To You)"

Its too late for a spin
Your trapped inside your mind like a bottled up Jinn
I saw your headlights shining on my front porch
I stood behind the door
Just a shadow

Your calling
Your calling
But nobody's home
'Cause I'm Walking in Shadows

I'm walking through these walls
Just to get to you and feel your shattered soul
I see you at a table with some cards
Speaking in your tongues
So paranoid

And I'm breaking
And I'm breaking
Up inside.
And I'm Walking With Ghosts Now

And I'm shaking
I'm shaking just like a lullaby
'Cause I'm strung out on hopelessness

I never said the words I meant (I said I'm here)
Or anything like them
Our time was cut (for you no matter what)
And you were left
Without a lifeline (the cost)
Your set adrift (but I lied)
Away from me
And I can see your horizon
Its deadlight and overcast (yeah I lied)
And not aligning

As the life I once had flashed before my eyes
In my car with you on a rainy night
Christine at my side and your hands held high
Screaming out my name as we collide