"Manipulator II" lyrics - KNOCKED LOOSE

"Manipulator II"

(Drag his body back to the truck
I think he took too much, I think he took too much)

Everything I feel
Is coming out my nose
Oh God almighty, this is an overdose

And I would rather stay home
Than repeat myself but
I will tell you again
'Cause you don't know what it means
You like to push and fucking pull
Till you rip at the seams

(You don't get it, I'm talking about you)
Talking about you
You and you and you

Why should I feel bad for the way I feel?
And tell me why I should have to explain myself?

You take his hands and I'll take his feet
We can't just leave him there, lying in the street
I can't believe we let him do this
I can't believe I let you talk me into this
No longer will I spend my time fucked up
No longer will I spend my time fucked up

I'm not straight edge, I'd just rather be sober
I'm never looking back I'm not looking for closure
I say, oh

You filled my body with hate
You can never get enough
All you ever cared about was your stupid fucking...