"Separate" lyrics - KNOCKED LOOSE


Click, click, boom

I was born by the river, dirty and mean
Learned how to fight for everything that I need
You try and you lose
A game called life
Just another day
Being born on the wrong side

Who the fuck is this?
Another try hard, boring, same outlook, same story
But I've seen it too many times
You are not one of a kind

This is what separates
The boys from the men
You are not like me
You are just like them

Weak and distraught
You don't fucking know me

Fingertips and ears in my trophy case
Just another victim
I refuse to be a part of your try hard system
All of these men are just boys

(Separate them)
Separate them, take them out
Do whatever to replace them

(It's getting harder to sleep)
I've been gritting my teeth
They want an easy way out
But have never seen the streets

Whether you die on your feet or on your knees
At this point you should take what you can fucking get

You are the wrong side of the hill
Where snow doesn't melt
You are a fucking waste of space
Just waiting for hell