"Small Victories" lyrics - KNOCKED LOOSE

"Small Victories"

Small victories, nothing worth my time
I can't get my failures out of my fucking mind
And there is nothing, nothing that can save me
This is everything, there is nothing left to find
When they reach my body, please don't be surprised

I'm sorry isn't good enough
You'll just have to live with this

I am the same person that I have been
That is just another fucking has-been
Oh my god I'm selfish, I get it
Only care about you when I am pretending

I will break your pretty little heart
Don't put it past me baby girl, I'm a wild card
With a past that is full of mistakes
And anxiety that gives me the shakes, because I'm...
Dirty and haggard, covered in mud
Selfish bastard, never know love

Hey, hey

Covered in mud