"Concrete Goonies" lyrics - LIL YACHTY

"Concrete Goonies"

I just seen a bitch in a car with the fake ceilin'
It's fake stars on the ceiling (Enrgy made this one)
I said, that is not a Rolls Royce, bitch, that's still a GLE
That's eighty thousand, my check is four eighty

It's crazy but it's true, the diamonds look blue (It's a big difference)
Lately, I been thinkin' 'bout puttin' my dick inside Kali Uchis (Bitch)
Nine times out of ten my bitch ex was a big doofus (Mm)
I might be on a mile on the corner counting bank uchies
These bitches 'bout as fake as they bags, that's not Gucci (Stop it)
I fucked and didn't pay the bitch shit, nigga, go and sue me (Well, damn)
My hair black but I'm still red, this is not a new me (Brrt)
I walk up and bought me a Bentayga, this is not a movie
Blend that bitch down off my gang, now that ho a smoothie (Mm, yes)
I ain't tell that ho to drink wine, that's your favorite woozy (Us)
If I don't fuck, then I don't got time, send her to the boonies (Go)
Me and my niggas reckless as hell, Concrete goonies (Us)
Yeah (Bitch), niggas know it's us (Slatt)
That's why they mean muggin' in public 'cause they ho with us (Mm)
Send a bad bitch to the store to get some more for us (Mm)
Get her off a bean and I ask if she gon' go for us (Mm)
Her nigga pulled up in a small forty, Sefolosha, huh (Hoo)
Where is my jeweler? (Go)
Two million in cash, I ain't Boat, I'ma say I'm somethin' cooler (Yeah)
Cooler than her bitch ex-boyfriend flexin' his mula (Us)
High school, a nigga been lit, almost fucked my tutor
Hm, well, I prolly have could (For real)
Seventh grade, I used to put weed inside a Swisher and 'Woods (Ooh)
I don't smoke no more, I get money, my Asian bitch (Mm)
She brings me overseas drip, and I'll trade the bitch (Mm)
She tried to tax too much, almost faded the bitch (What?)
She tried to tax too much, almost, mm, goo-goo
(Mm, hahaha, go, yeah) Went inside her shit
Bae can't have less than an M if you inside my bitch (Mm)
Team player, might buy the state fair, these niggas know it's us (Yeah)
I don't like how everybody try to play, ain't no hoin' us (Us)
And we are the Concrete goonies (Us)
Bitch ain't tryna fuck, kick her out, send her to the boonies (Boom)
Woke up, bought me a Bentayga, this is not a movie (Mm)
My hair black, we still bang red, this is not the new me

Mm, mm, mm