"Hybrid" lyrics - LIL YACHTY

feat. Babytron

[Intro: BabyTron]
What's up, Boat?
Ayy, ayy

[Verse 1: BabyTron]
Track 2's got me euro steppin' like I'm ball playing (Balenciagas)
If it's smoke, we gon' send some shots and leave 'em crossfaded (Phew, phew)
Snitches get stitches like, shit, that's the law, ain't it? (Ain't it?)
Demolition man, in your bitch crib wall breaking (Break her down)
You begging for the sauce, I don't wanna hear you talk, Plankton (Shut up)
Right side the dubs shoved, my left pocket all Franklins (A dubby)
Chains tri-color, but the buffies, yeah, they Caucasian
God bless the scams, free my babies fighting fraud cases (Phew)
Newest Bape, I got it zipped up, she see the 'rilla in me (Zipped up)
2016, I made a killing off Vanilla giffies (Off- phew)
Five years later, self-scan, still'll hit for fifty (I will)
Hitter finna drop a UAV, really got killers with me (That's tough)
Hi-C, deuce of Wock' (Phew)
Y-3, newest Crocs (Phew)
Five pings by two o'clock (Phew)
Hypebeast, Gucci socks (Phew)
Side street (Phew), lose the cops
Try me, they shooting Glocks
Tricking on a picky bitch like, "Do you like these shoes or not?" (Ooh)
Bro retarded, but'll scribble something like he DoodleBob (Blaow-baow)
Used to do the ramen, it's two hundred dollar noodles now (Phew)
Lil' smart bitch from U of M, she got some stupid top (Ayy)
Unky got that strong dog in, you can't poodle shop
Garlic rib dinner, it's takeout from the crab house (Yeah)
If we don't see you, stake out at your man's house (I swear to God)
Cutting up like a switchblade, finna stab out (Skrrt, skrrt)
Zip of Turtle Pie to the face, I might pass out (TP)
Lineup bougie, all my bitches got a bad mouth (Mwah)
Didn't wanna fight in middle school, you wanna scrap now? (Phew)
Put your hands down, in point two, I'm pulling mag' out
He had dog shit from EDD, but he ran out (Ha)
Lil Boat, BabyTron
Bad Boys in '89 (Yeah)
Exotic pop muddy, got me walking 'round like Frankenstein (You dig?)
Off-White ones up like Jordan back in '85 (Brrt)
Prices going up for a vid', you gotta pay me five (Five in cash)

[Verse 2: Lil Yachty]
How I up a Rolls and Benz at the same time?
How the hell is niggas gangsters graduating from St. John's? (Damn)
I don't follow no one on the road, I paint my own lines (Damn, damn)
Twenty giffies, trying to swipe a Chevy, gotta make it mine (Swipe)
Twenty-three, done made like thirty million, you could check my taxes (Damn)
Only letting bitches be the runners just like I'm a sexist
Diamond teeth all throughout my mouth, cost a starter Lexus
Late night, just put her on G6, now she on a Pegasus (Go)
I'm Martin Luther in a room full of Malcolm X's (Damn)
Really rich, them niggas with they moms, I am not your exes (Damn)
Chucking ice all throughout my cup, it's like a game of Tetris (Damn)
Niggas biting everything I do, he say I'm too infectious (Go)
If I lose it, give a fuck, I'll buy another one
Spent a hundred K a hundred times, bitch, I'm Venita son (Damn, damn)
All these niggas acting just like me, shit, I don't need a son (Damn, damn)
Fifty niggas all surround my car like I don't need a gun
Spit shit that have him too sick, thinking he the one (Damn)
Pop him in his face midday, you could still see the sun (Go)
Five-star top tier bitches doing store runs
Ran out of bullets, don't reload, just go buy more guns (Brrt)
Might go up my little sister with a.41
Niggas hate I'm getting rich, they broke and forty-one (Go)
Your bitch love to suck dick, leave it on her tongue
Hate to be the one to tell you the truth, dawg, I know it's dumb (Damn)
Couldn't have been my bitch
Play with my name, they in a hoodie like they from Highbridge (Yeah)
New Maybach eco-friendly, yes, it's hybrid
Glock 19 come off the hip just like a sidekick (Go)
Bitch, what's my name? What's my name? (Slatt)
Bro kitchen only got chickens like Raising Cane's (Brr)
These niggas grew up with riches, never felt pain (Yes)
Superman pills got me looking round for Lois Lane

[Outro: Lil Yachty]
Know it's us