"Final Form" lyrics - LIL YACHTY

"Final Form"

I ain't never got the respect that I truly deserved
That's why I park them double M's and R's on the curb (Helluva made this beat, baby)
F8 do two hundred, I'm destined to swerve
All my life, these niggas hated, they really some birds
So when my brother got them birds, we stunted on nerds
They ain't fucking, then it's up, we punting them nerds
We pull up and set the tone, we move in a herd
Asking, "How I pull in them Ms?", from rhyming my words
How this bitch just lose her spot? From irking my nerves
I don't wanna be your friend, you niggas is poor
I don't wanna be your man, you don't know your credit score
Know you burnt your shit out trying to impress the core
Might've burnt myself twice chasing dirty whores
I done slapped this bitch out, we just made a s'more
Gave this bitch a thousand knowing that she want more
And I'm ruthless
I refuse to take that bitch to Ruth's Chris
I refuse to do what he do, you ain't my bitch
I ain't buying you no watch, that ain't my wrist


I done broke my bank a hundred times to help these niggas
Wouldn't nobody gave a fuck if I wasn't wealthy, nigga
If I get jammed, how many bitches finna write me, nigga?
If I get shot, who at my wake standing beside me, nigga?
Who finna take care of my moms and my sister
When they crying to my picture and they the only ones who really miss me?
Everybody else gon' go on with they damn life
And my bitch'll probably go and be somebody wife
That's why my back against the wall and I be thinking twice
'Cause would these niggas pay my bills if I couldn't keep on lights?
Bitch say I'm too distant from her, I got every right
I think about my brother Black Gwaluh every night
The lobby trying to hold him down, give 'em every strike
I really think his lawyer sweet, we might black his eyes
I'm really standing on my toes, half you niggas fried
I ain't breaking shit down ever, I'm gon' sell the pie

Yeah, I ain't breaking shit down, I'm gon' sit up high
From the D to the A, I might let it fly
Michigan Boy Boat, yeah
In my final form, nigga
Let's get it