"A Song"

Here's a song
For someone else to sing
With a universal
And generic ring

It's all about the same old stuff
That you like and can't get enough of
How's about a minor chord right here
Wasn't that rather pleasant in your ear?

And here's a song with not a lot to say
But when you see it it'll sound okay
You bet there'll be a video
We'll flesh it out for radio
Now it's high time that I play that change again
It's haunting you like an annoying friend

It's true that you like what you get
You get what you're given
God knows what the hell you'll like
That's why he's up in heaven

Here's a song I didn't even write
It came to me one rainy April night
I had been drinking I was bored
Next to me our fat gray cat snored
I'm afraid it's time for you know what
The cat's awake, I fear I woke him up
So that's enough of that
Now I'll shut up