"The Birthday Present II" lyrics - LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III

"The Birthday Present II"

You got another one coming up
Baby don't be blue
I know you're one year older now
Honey I've been there too

Time flies when we're fooling around
We're just wasting away
You're dreading the date
You'd much rather wait
But happy birthday

Once we were young and foolish
Just starting out on that ride
I don't want to get ghoulish
But it seems like time's no longer on our side

It never used to get here
It always seemed so far away
But now it's here
Same time each year
That happy birthday

They say that we live many lives
I can believe it but I'm still not so sure
I don't know if it's gonna be a next time
But this time I'd like a little more
Time that is

I'm gonna give you a present
That's just what I'm gonna do
To remind you to forget the past and the future
All that regret and worry's just bad for you
And when you unwrap your present
Throw the paper and the ribbon away
Remember dear
It's now we're here
So happy birthday

You got another one coming up
Baby don't be blue