"Cash For Clunkers" lyrics - LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III

"Cash For Clunkers"

Cash for clunkers heal that economy
Buy an Envoy, Yukon, or Sierra
Cash for clunkers bail out GMC
Cash for clunkers put the pedal to the metal
Get cash for clunkers 'cause time is running out
Smell that new car smell and suddenly it's springtime
Cash for clunkers hope is what it's all about

Your old short's is just a heap a rattletrap that's certain
God knows what's beneath the seats never mind the hood
And your local dealership these days those boys are hurtin'
So unload that ancient mode of transport do a world of good
"Cash for clunkers" who came up with that one?
"Cash for clunkers" kinda has a catchy ring
Was it Geitner or Bernanke maybe Larry Summers?
"Cash for clunkers" 3 words I love to sing!

Cash for clunkers you can shout it from the rooftops
Cash for clunkers you can sing it night and day
Buy my song my friend and put it on your iPod
Cash for clunkers you can save the USA

My rusting Volvo died it's parked and sinking in my back yard
Just an ugly installation sore to each and every eye
We'll pump up the 4 flat tires on that Swedish puppy
We'll tow it to Toyota buy a Prius by and by

Cash for clunkers more than just a gimmick
Cash for clunkers now we got a plan
It's hard to wrap your head around that health care coverage thing
But cash for clunkers you can kinda understand!

Cash for clunkers get rid of that jalopy
Cash for clunkers junk that piece of junk
Stash your contraband and your wife's dead body
Cash for clunkers load and lock 'em in the trunk