We buy the morning paper we read the sports and arts
We avoid the front page and the business section breaks our hearts
The obits are of interest since soon we'll have to go
But what's unreal is the real estate it's a real horror show

There's no way we can sell our house now so we'll have to stay
You can't up and walk out on me
And I can't run away
We vowed in sickness and in health
That means good times and bad
Let's hold on to each other
And the happiness we had

Our bed should be a lifeboat now not a battlefield
Let's not give up let's just give in let's not stop let's just yield
Forgive me dear for saying so
Please don't think I'm a louse
But maybe it's a good thing we can't sell our house

Suppose we found a buyer we could go our separate ways
And consider all our time together just a passing phase
But we would lose each other dear and I'm afraid we'd find
It was the best part of ourselves that we had left behind

I bought this house 8 years ago you made this place our home
We loved and fought and laughed and cried tears in our eyes have shone
Our house has lost some value due to this hard time
But selling it and splitting up would be the greatest crime

We had our share of heartache before these times got tough
The road's been a bit bumpy and the ride a little rough
Death will part us one day in life's game of cat and mouse
Till then let's stay together no we can't sell our house

We're in for the long run now I'm speaking as your spouse

Our happiness is here at home
We can't sell our house